New and Improved!! Bee Vacuum Gate for Beekeeping. Free Shipping via USPS First Class Mail.


Made for use with a bee vacuum.Comes with stainless steel mounting hardware & drilling template. Fits a standard shop vac hose 2-1/4" (58mm). Custom hose sizes are available. Send me a message.


Use the bottom piece and the centering tool as a template to mark your 1/8" holes for the screws & the nail lock and the pilot hole for the 2-1/4" (58-60mm) hole.Pop out and discard the centering tool then rub some beeswax on the insides of the top and bottom piece before assembly to reduce friction. No need to glue it, the mounting screws will hold it all together. Insert a nail (included) through the nail lock and into the hive body to keep the gate from moving when in position. Maybe melt a little propolis in the hole to help hold it ifnecessary.

Bee Vacuum Gate
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