Free Shipping via USPS. Lucky swarm trap entrance gate for honeybees with Nail Lock feature. Hole size is an optimal 1-1/2" based on studies of swarming bees.The captive vertical bar keeps birds and squirrels out of your swarm trap. The base is impregnated with a proprietary blend of beeswax and lemongrass oil to attract swarms to the entrance fast. 77% of the time it works every time! Comes with stainless steel mounting hardware and a nail for the lock.


Once you catch a swarm, go there at night or early in the morning, shut the gate and place the nail lock in place so they can't escape, then take them to your apiary and install them in a hive. Never buy bees again!


Use the bottom piece as a template to mark your 1/16" holes for the screws and the pilot hole for the 1 – 1/2" (38mm) hole. The hole for the nail will be drilled later. No need to glue it, the mounting screws will hold it all together. Very carefully drill the hole for the nail through the Bee Swarm Gate after installation to ensure they line up correctly. Insert a nail (included) through the nail lock and into the hive body to keep the gate from moving when in position. Maybe melt a little propolis in the hive body nail hole to help hold it if necessary.


Lucky Swarm Trap Entrance Gate for Honeybees with Nail Lock feature
USD $ 7.77